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Profit from Rentals is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Investor in Skokie, IL

Profit from Rentals is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Investor in Skokie, IL
Income for Retirement

How Real Estate Works For Your Retirement

Planning for your retirement is challenging; there are many options to consider when creating your retirement plan.  Traditionally, investors have turned to stocks and bonds for their retirement needs.  However, due to the low rates of returns for bonds and CD’s and volatile stock market of recent years, many investors are looking for alternative retirement investments. Investing in real estate allows you to create a diverse, dynamic retirement plan with significantly less risk than conventional investments.

If you are not familiar with real estate it can seem overwhelming, but at PFR we make the process simple. We work with people who are looking to passively invest in properties—meaning we manage the property for you. We use a discerning process when selecting properties to ensure that we are choosing the right property in a good market. By investing in real estate, the risk you assume is minimized with tangible assets that don't significantly change in value over short periods of time not to mention real estate generates steady monthly cash flow each month for the duration of the investment.

In the past, the dominant belief was to invest in the stock market with a diversified portfolio in order to yield over a 10% return in the long run. Current conditions do not uphold this belief and create a strong argument for investing in real estate.  Media reports of a struggling real estate market are based on the narrow conclusion that people are only investing in their home, not additional properties.  What makes investing in real estate secure is that real estate has a fixed supply. 

There is only so much space on Earth and with a population that is rapidly increasing, housing will always be in demand. With a fixed supply and increasing demand it is evident that a piece of property will increase in value in the long term.  Additionally, at the present time rental apartments are particularly marketable properties as employment needs have caused people to relocate to areas with more job opportunities, which include Chicago.  Unlike many markets in the United States, Chicago's rental demand continues to be among the highest compared to most metropolitan areas.The rental market in Chicago is strong and will continue to create significant demand for housing considering Chicago has the second largest Section 8 housing program behind New York City.  

By investing in rental property it allows you to grow your wealth in three different ways: building equity as you pay off your mortgage, increase in property value, and the rental income itself. With little upfront work and a great pay off, it is easy to see how partnering with PFR and investing in real estate works for your retirement.

PFR has developed a busines model offering turnkey income properties fully renovated with paying tenants already in place. We perform the difficult and time consuming tasks of acquisition, renovation, and lease up on behalf of our investors so there is no need to become a real estate “expert”.

To learn more about our retirement income solutions, please Contact Us, or call (800) 341-0576.


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