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Profit from Rentals is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Investor in Skokie, IL

Profit from Rentals is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Investor in Skokie, IL

Welcome to, a nationally-recognized turnkey real estate investment company

Profit From Rentals - Cash Flow Properties Chicago Illinois helps investors build long-term wealth through a propriety, turnkey methodology for passive real estate investing that delivers market-leading annual ROI and immediate positive cash flow. Our mission is to be a valued, long-term partner to the investors and the communities we serve by transforming distressed properties into best-in-class homes for families who want to build their future. Our success in our mission has resulted in well over 1,000 homes redeveloped and $82,803,001.00 in investor sales over the last 5 years.

Unrivaled Experience and Quality

We have more than a decade of experience consistently delivering the highest ROI in the country for passive real estate investing with high-quality, durable homes.

  • Our properties deliver a cash-on-cash return of 20% and often higher.
  • Our team is on pace to deliver a new home to market every week - more than 50 this year and more than 200 in the last 3 years.
  • We maintain a tenancy occupancy rate of 99% and have experienced less than 1% tenant turnover in the last three years.
  • We currently have a waiting list of more than 150 potential tenants who recognize the unique quality and location of our homes.
  • We primarily operate in low-crime, highly-desirable suburban communities.
  • Our founder leveraged his management consulting training along with his passion for real estate to create a predicate to Zillow.
  • Our standards begin with new mechanicals and extend to designer-inspired finishes with the goal to minimize maintenance while appealing to tenants.

Unique Insights and Ingenuity

Proprietary, integrated technology we have developed along with our experience and insights gives us a competitive advantage for acquiring the right properties and securing committed, long-term tenants.

  • Our software systems allow us to efficiently manage our business with extremely low overhead so we can pass the saving to our investors.
  • A key to our system is the automation that ensures integration across the departments of the business: real estate, construction, legal, financing and sales.
  • We've invested the time and effort to understand how to navigate government processes at the Federal and community level that others don't.
  • We have identified the zip codes that enable us to achieve the highest "price-to-rent ratio" and provide higher rates of return to our investors.
  • Our systems identify homes where we can expand the livable square footage, making them eligible for increased rents and delivering higher investment ROI.
  • We have redundancy across our business model to ensure long-term continuity. This redundancy allows us to change service providers and resources as needed without interruption to the business and protect our clients' interests over the duration of their investment.
  • Our business partners are highly-experience content experts and industry-leaders in our market who have been on our team for many years.

Driven by Mission

Our compass is the set of values we live by and that guide us in creating value.

  • Our belief is that communities are built one home at a time
  • We set a standard for developing houses that we would want to call home and we don't compromise our values and standards.
  • We work diligently to meet and exceed the permitting and code requirements of every community we serve.
  • We find satisfaction in helping families acquire the nicest rental homes they've had an opportunity to live in.
  • Our founders are motivated by being a socially-responsible and socially-conscious advocate for our employees, partners and tenants.
  • We expand the inventory of homes in the communities we serve that raise the bar of quality and provide access to those who need it.

Committed Partners

Our investors rely on us to remove the potential hassles to owning investment properties. We sweat the small stuff for our investors so they don't have to.

  • Most of our investors stay with us to build a portfolio of homes and buy multiple homes in their first year partnering with us.
  • We partner with a nationally-recognized property management firm that handles maintenance issues and ensures the monthly rent checks are electronically delivered to you.
  • When needed, we step in to help ensure any maintenance issues are addressed quickly and at minimal cost.


We welcome the opportunity to schedule a consultation with you to better understand your investment goals. Contact Us for more information or call us at (800) 341-0576.

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